Youth Program

First Wages Program targets youth, ages 15-21, who have little or no work history, it offers a hands-on approach to entering the workforce. Staff will conduct a comprehensive assessment that will allow them to understand the youth’s strength and barriers. This assessment allows both staff and youth to create a career plan that includes training needs, short term, and long-term goals.  Staff will undergo leadership and work maturity training before being referred to employment services or paid work experience.  Students in the paid work experience are matched with local business that allow for hands-on training, while earning the minimum wages.  This experience has allowed many youth to transition successfully into the labor market.

“This project was supported by AGREEMENT No. K05182 through funds issued by the State of Florida, Office of the Attorney General”

The Work First Program assist high school student ages 16-18, in completing their high school education and gain the necessary skills to transition into adulthood. Services are provided at select MDCPS high schools around the county.  Activities include initial assessment, academic skills enhancement, Life and Work Readiness Workshops, field trips, and employment assistance. Participants meet weekly after school for the academic skills enhancement and workshops geared at developing social/emotional life and employability skills.


Stay In School Program offers high schools juniors and seniors, the opportunity to explore different career choices and industries. The program will combine classroom training with practical applications. It will incorporate Career Awareness, Life and Job Readiness Training, Supplemental Academic Assistance, Vocational Skills Training, and Work Experience/Internship.

The Out of School Youth (OSY) Program is a multi-year program that offers services to individuals, ages 16 to 21 that have not obtained a high school degree or need assistance in entering post secondary education. We work with young adults as they transition into adulthood and become self suffcient. The goal of the OSY program is to provide academic and occupational skills opportunities, increase employment skills, job retention, and earnings through work related activities that will prepare them to effectively compete in the global economy

​The programs gear students to focus on industries that can provide employment opportunities now and into the future.



  • Assessments & Career Guidance
  • Work Readiness Training
  • GED Preparation/Testing
  • College Preparation
  • Pre-employment Skills Training
  • Work Maturity Evaluations
  • Employment- Summer Jobs, Paid Internships
  • Full-time Permanent & Part-time Positions
  • Leadership Development
  • Mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Referrals to Community Agencies
  • Life Skills Training
  • Support Services
  • Career Pathways
Please contact our office for a complete listing of Schools/Locations.